Another New Craftsy Bread Course!

I've barely finished one bread course and this morning another new one is announced! Of course I will take it, when it goes on sale at 50% off.

It's called "Secrets to Whole Grain Bread Baking". The instructor is Michael Kalanty.

Screen Shot from Craftsy Video
I won't be able to resist signing up for it because even though I've been making whole grain and multigrain breads regularly for several years, I'm always on the lookout for a new tip or professional trick or recipe.

Sometimes I think all the money I've invested in bread books and courses kind of cancels the savings of making my own bread--but then I remember that good bread is just not available around here, so the cost is not even a consideration!

What's nice about the Craftsy classes is you can take them when you want, and then they're yours "forever". The other thing I like is that the course notes, which include all the recipes, are very well done; to me they're worth at least half the cost.

Meanwhile, if you're one of those people who have access to decent bread made by real people in a good local bakery, enjoy your luck!

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